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AMN TG Barcode Card MTX-30 (2 USERS 100 EMPLOYEES)
Amano TG MTX-30 Barcode (2 users and 100 Empl.)

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List Price: $672.00
Our Price: $467.00
You save $205.00!

Price with Selected Options: $467.00

Product Code: MTX-30B_A970

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One year warranty extension:
Our 1 year ext. warranty for Amano MTX, AFR Terminal (1 year after factory warranty) [Add $80.00]

Description Technical Specs
Amano TG Barcode Card attendance system MTX 30 with 2 concurrent users,100 Employee software and FTP-30 Barcode Card terminal - complete package.

This economical time clock system interfaces with most common payroll applications, thereby providing a complete turn-key solution to accurately and efficiently manage your payroll. It enables you to automate the collection, calculation, and preparation of employee time data, while increasing your profits.

Peachtree; QuickBooks; Paychex; Payroll Interface is included, additional optional Interface is available.
  • Easy-to-use Setup Wizard for installation and maintenance
  • Serial or Ethernet communications on all terminal
  • Bell ringing capability on all terminals
  • Transfer employee punches to a memory stick (for the remote location, save data to USB flash drive and bring it to the office for processing)
  • Multi-user rights for 2 concurrent users with available incremental user upgrades to increase the amount of concurrent users
  • Automatically totals hours for 100 employees (Optional unlimited user upgrade allows you to add employee capacity as needed)
  • Multiple hardware options include barcode, mag stripe, proximity, biometric, and fingerprint readers (will work with all these terminals - sold separately)
  • Interfaces with popular payroll: ADP, QuickBooks (full integration and Gold Developer), Paychex, Peachtree, and more (50+ Optional payroll interfaces available)
  • Available Web Interface Module provides web access for popular functions such as schedule and time card management (Sold separately)
  • Seamlessly import information from Amano's Access Control systems, and from sources like Excel worksheets and other payroll files to reduce employee data entry from days to minutes
  • Eliminates manual calculation errors associated with time card
  • 20 badges included
  • Available Access Control Module, which supplies full integration with Amano Access Control products: AmanoNet 7.6 and Nexus 220


MTX 30 quick look
MTX 30
Extended product Information
    • Accommodates weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly and monthly pay periods
    • Unlimited number of departments, pay policies, schedules and holidays
    • Ability to round totals to meet company policy
    • Tracks and reports regular/overtime, absences, exceptions, wages, and tips
    • Auto process service permits scheduled terminal communications and report tasks
    • Comprehensive standard reports in PDF format, or an MS Excel export utility
    • Self installable via wizard
    • Multi-user
    • Ships complete with Barcode Card Reader terminal, Time Guardian software, 6’ CAT5 (Ethernet) cable and mounting plate and hardware
    • Available USB port for flash drive back up
    • Two punch options: Barcode Card Swipe or Pin Number to Punch

      Employees software upgrades:
    Expandable Modules
    Unlimited Employee Upgrade
    Additional Terminals
    Unlimited User Upgrade

    What is included:

    SOFTWARE CD - INCLUDES 2 USERS, 100 EMPLOYEES (upgradeable),
    20 BADGES

    Optional Modules available:

    PART# TGN-ADVOVERTIME - includes multiple levels of daily, weekly, and consecutive overtimes. Also includes unique range overtime for customized date range settings and unlimited paycodes to define.

    PART# TGN-ADVSCHED - provides comprehensive scheduling options such as auto sensing schedule assignment based on employees punches, rotation schedules for workers that work patterns (3 days on/4 days off), individual scheduling with multiple shifts per day, and advance schedule for time off. Also offers importing of schedules and multiple payclass rules.

    PART# TGN-ADVMEAL - unlocks the power of defining complex rules for employee lunch and rest periods. Allows users to configure rules that track employee lunch and breaks. You can define fixed times or have the software auto sense the periods. Includes lunch penalty rule and credits for unused time for use on other periods.

    PART# TGN-ADVROUND -provides settings to snap the punches to the schedule start and end, rounding of hours by the day, week, and pay period. Also provide the ability to configure different rounding for each day of the week and holidays.

    PART# TGN-ADVLABOR - provides 5 additional labor levels for tracking purposes, The levels are fully customize for names and unlimited entries. Also with this module it provides assignment of rates tracking.The system provides two rates, a cost rate (eg. used for employee wages) and billable rate (eg. used invoicing customer for labor hours). It provides for complex rules to calculate the rate based on the labor and employee.

    PART# TGN-ACCESS - integration of Nexus 220 or AmanoNet with Amano’s Time and Attendance application. Integration includes employee and department synchronization, auto sync login, auto process sync access and re-punch protection.

    PART# TGN-WEBINTER - provides thin client web access with no software to install for client setup. This includes employee configuration and employee global assignment through web access. This module also provides employee portal offering web punch-in, viewable previous punches, time sheets for hours allocation and schedule posting reports. The supervisor portal also provides the ability to edit time cards, manage employee data, run reports, and scheduling (advance schedule module must be purchased).

    PART# TGN-ZONEDIFF - unlocks the capability of configuring premium pay rules that are based on the time of day. This module provides for multiple time windows, multiple qualification rules, and multiple awards per each qualifications. Premiums are usually given to employees that work overnight or special schedules. The award rules are endless (additional hours/dollars, changing rates, setting labor levels, and etc.).

    PART# TGN-EVENTNOTE - includes instant messaging profile with notification based on pay code threshold, notification exception selection and absence notification by threshold. This module also includes company and employee notification. This comes with instant messaging system that is integrated with the application.

    PART# TGN-BENETIME - provides benefit tracking of hours for employee time off. (de-accrual or import balances). This comes with the ability to import benefit time.

    PARN# TGN-ADVPAYCLASS - features pay class tree, close pay period and default period for Company setup, pay period option for daily activities, holiday group, pay code templates and unauthorized hours report and time card reporting. This module is needed for companies that have multiple pay rules for employees.

Accessories for this product...
TG Modules Pack II (Price is for ONE item from this list)
Our Price: $375.00

Amano TG Optional Modules Pack II
Our Price: $360.00

Amano TG Barcode Reader MTX-30 (Terminal Only)
Amano TG employee Upgrade (Per-Block of 100 employees)
Our Price: $220.00

Amano TG Upgrade (Per-Block of 100 employees)
Amano TG Mag Stripe and Bar Code Badges (1 to 25)
Our Price: $55.00

amano mag stripe and bar code badges (1 to 25)
Amano TG Mag Stripe and Bar Code Badges (51 to 100)
Our Price: $978.00

mag stripe and barcode badges
Amano CommStick USB Connector for MTX30
Our Price: $80.00

USB to Serial Converter for MTX 30
AMN TG employee time software Upgrade (Per-Block of 50 employees)
Our Price: $139.00

Amano TG Upgrade (Per-Block of 50 employees)
Amano TG Mag Stripe and Bar Code Badges (151 to 200)
Our Price: $98.00

mag stripe and barcode badges
Amano TG employee software Upgrade (Per-Block of 25 employees)
Our Price: $70.00

(Per-Block of 25 employees)
Amano TG Mag Stripe and Bar Code Badges (251 to 300)
Our Price: $98.00

mag stripe and barcode badges
Amano TG 1 additional concurrent user - manager
Our Price: $59.00

Amano TG one additional concurrent user
Amano TG Mag Stripe and Bar Code Badges (201 to 250)
Our Price: $98.00

mag stripe and barcode badges
Amano TG employee Upgrade (Per-Block of 250 employees)
Our Price: $359.00

(Per-Block of 250 employees)
TG Optional Modules Pack I (Price is for ONE item from this list)
Our Price: $185.00

Amano TG Optional Modules Pack I
Amano TG Mag Stripe and Bar Code Badges (101 to 150)
Our Price: $98.00

mag stripe and barcode badges

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