Pyramid time clocks manufactured by Pyramid Time Systems

When looking for an employee time clock, naturally you should not settle for just any product.

In your research you will find it hard not to consider one of the industry leaders, Pyramid Time Systems, former Pyramid Technologies, time clocks and employee management systems. Not surprisingly, the company has been manufacturing time clocks, time recorders, document stamps for over 41 years, using most innovative time management techniques and technology available. One does not become reputable manufacturer in time clock industry overnight, or by manufacturing mediocre products. Pyramid Time Systems have established their product brand recognition by providing quality time clocks, time and management solutions to businesses of al sizes. Many satisfied customers, have developed brand loyalty and are continuously referring Pyramid time clocks to those who are looking to simplify employee management tasks.

Pyramid time clocks vary by their complexity and price from most simple time recorder to an enterprise time management system. No matter how small or big your time management needs are, you can find a Pyramid Time Systems product that will cater to your needs and your budget.

All Pyramid time clocks come with a line of accessories that have passed the factory’s seal of approval. All Pyramid Time Systems accessories are qualified to be used with Pyramid time clocks, just one more small detail to add to complete peace of mind.

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Below you can find most popular Pyramid time clocks and our best selling products.

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Pyramid 4000 Pro time recorder also may be known as pti 4000 has enjoyed popularity and it’s cousins Pyramid 5000 and 5000HD, featuring a heavy duty case, has emerged to accommodate an industrial environment or where durable case may be of use. Another time clock such as Pyramid 3500 or Pyramid 3600SS is capable of serving as document stamp if needed. If you are looking for a system that will ring a bell for breaks, then pyramid 7000 is an excellent choice for you.

Perhaps the most exiting line of products is Pyramid wireless synchronized time clocks . Start building your system with a Wireless Transmitter capable of covering 250,000 sqft, extend to infinity with additional Synchronized Wireless Transmitters and start adding unlimited number of Synchronized Wireless Clocks.