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Time Clock Experts is a division of Planet On The Clock, Inc.

Time Clock Experts is a division of TCE Global, Inc. (Formally K/A: Planet On The Clock, Inc.)

About TCE Global, Inc.

TCE Global, Inc. (Formally K/A: Planet On The Clock, Inc.) is an official distributor of Pyramid Technologies LLC, ACROPRINT, AMANO, Compumatic Time Recorders, Icon Time Systems and uAttend. Our time attendance tracking system solutions have been designed to meet the needs of any company in any industry.

Whether you're looking for a basic time attendance tracking system or an enterprise-class workforce management system, we can provide a solution tailored to your company's requirements.

Companies have turned to TCE Global, Inc. for help in automating manual tasks in their workplace. Our time attendance tracking systems simplify the process of managing every phase of the employee tracking labor. The benefits include greater control of documents, improved speed and efficiency of employees and more accurate and reliable data.
For in-depth product information or with technical questions, you may also contact product manufacturer:

Acroprint - 800-334-7190
Amano - 800-526-2559
Compumatic - 800-925-4506
Pyramid - 888-479-7264
Icon Time - 800-847-2232
uAttend - 800-518-8925

TCE Global, Inc.
Port St. Lucie, FL 33409
Tel. 866-487-4751